In an increasingly fast-paced, results-driven environment, L2 Construction Management Solutions offers an extensive range of quality services and expertise to help energy, construction and utility businesses thrive. With more than 20 years of combined industry expertise, our team of highly-skilled analysts, certified project management professionals and professional engineers has what it takes to help clients realize their full potential in key facets of their business.


The utility and construction industry is growing at a fast pace, and there is more to consider in the success of your business than project execution alone. L2CMS can help bring a unique perspective to comprehensive planning, supporting not only your construction projects but the internal systems and personnel that support them.


Timelines, budgets and project coordination—without all the stress of big-company logistics. The L2CMS team offers a more personal approach to construction management, truly getting to know the client and the project as if it was our own, without sacrificing expertise and quality.


Clients trust L2 CMS with their projects because of our proven expertise and personal approach to project and program management. To best exceed clients’ needs, L2CMS partners with established, credible industry energy, design and engineering professionals on many projects. With these established partnerships, L2CMS is able to enhance complete project offerings without sacrificing quality and safety.